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Python Taiwan Steering Council

This website is run by the Python Taiwan Steering Council (PTSC), a team beyond PyCon Taiwan and to complement it.

One of the major responsibilities of PTSC is to coordinate the collaboration between Open Culture Foundation (OCF) and the Taiwan Python community, including its largest event PyCon Taiwan. OCF and PyCon Taiwan have been working together for a long time, since the beginning of OCF in 2014. In 2016, a special team, Python Task Force (PTF), is built to formalize the communication between OCF and PyCon Taiwan. Since then, the Taiwan Python community have developed well beyond what PyCon Taiwan or PTF can effectively help.

In response to the new need, PTF started to reorganize itself into PTSC. On 2nd November, 2019, PTF and active community members Yung-Yu Chen, Keith Yang, TsungWei (marr) Hu, Tzer-jen Wei, Wen-Jet "Peterwolf" Wang, Lloyd Huang, Tzu-Ping Chung, Jian-Ding "Tim" Chen, and Taihsiang Ho, met in Taipei and put together an initial plan for PTSC.

PTSC is to advance and support the community. PyCon Taiwan was started with a similar goal but as a conference, the organization is not well suitable for longer-term planning. PTSC will fill in the gap and work with every Python programmer in the community.

The organization of PTSC is still rough. There are 6 councilors in total. 5 of them are required to attend meetings and vote, and the 6th councilor is the bursar. A clear organization is required to help the community. It is the major goal in this year to build such organization, and the first step is to conclude the bylaw.

Councilors of PTSC

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